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Newell Brands Crock Pot | Aquitting Crock-Pot: An Alleged Killer

Thrust into an unexpected firestorm when a slow cooker kills beloved Dad on American TV’s No. 1 hit drama “This Is Us”, we capitalized on the moment, responded with comforting tweets, issued the first public apology by a TV actor in history and elevated the brand from killer, to pop-culture hero.

Dove | Real Beauty Productions

As Dove entered its 60th year, the brand wanted to instigate change in the industry by taking going one step further.  Dove launched Real Beauty Productions employing an entirely 100% female crew to ensure real womens’ perspective shapes each film from every angle – in front of and behind the camera.

Adobe | Make the Cut

We partnered with Imagine Dragons to create the world’s first open source music video. We took the Dragons’ new music video, Believer, and made the entire thing available to the public. All the raw footage. Every shot. Every angle. Every note. We then challenged editors, video creators, and filmmakers all over the world to take it all, Make The Cut, and make it their own, using a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mars Wrigley Confectionery China | Wrigley’s Care Box

Children in China bring lunchboxes to school to collect meals from the cafeteria. We created the first interactive lunchbox that encourages children to practice oral hygiene after meals – Wrigley’s Care Box. Artwork playfully changes with heat, showing children characters that work together to clean their teeth via a built-in compartment for sugar-free gum.

Samsung | Microscope

We asked new Samsung GS8 owners to show off the camera by sharing the first picture snapped on their new phones. @SavEdward sent us: “It was a dick pic.” Within minutes, we responded with a savagely simple reply: the microscope emoji. And the results speak for themselves: 528MM estimated media impressions from more than 80 news placements, with no PR outreach. 72,483 Retweets and 228,000 Likes.

UNICEF Sweden | Violence of Reality

Children are protected from violence in video games in Sweden, but not from witnessing violence in the real world, in their own homes. We developed “Violence of Reality”, a video game which forces people to experience this contradiction first-hand, and when the game ends players are urged to sign UNICEF’s digital petition.

Unilever OMO | Einstein’s Blocks

To launch the Real Play Coalition, we discovered (and dusted off) Albert Einstein’s own toy blocks from 1883, painstakingly scanned all 160 of them, and created a website to make them available for anyone, open source, anywhere in the world, to 3D print and play, for free.

Seguimos Unidos | #ConEllas

#ConEllas facilitated conversations around a difficult topic – El Salvador’s extreme abortion laws. To spark dialogue beyond El Salvador, we partnered with high-profile Hispanic celebrities, journalists and influencers in the United States, Europe and Latin America who felt a kinship with the issue – asking them to create short videos and posts for their social channels. Many chose to write the #ConEllas hashtag directly on their bodies and shared the compelling images of solidarity.

LEGO | Imagination Engine

Meet Ralph, more than a chatbot, he’s a lovable robot with heaps of personality and one purpose- to help you find the perfect LEGO present, making you a gifting champion! We used warm, inviting language to make the stressful shopping experience seem carefree, fun and informed.

adidas | In Your Name

We decided to give the Swedish women’s football players and girls all over the world a voice – using nothing but the players’ own jerseys. For the first time in football history, a national team gave up the names on their jerseys. They replaced them with motivational tweets posted by other inspirational women who refused to back down. The player’s jerseys became a powerful medium, amplified by traditional sports media, influencers, the Twitter icons behind the quotes and supporters around the globe.

Department of Defense Warrior Games | By Air, By Land, or By Sea

The 2017 Warrior Games took place in Chicago and were open to the public for the first time ever. We took a previously unknown event for ill and injured military service members and relaunched it as a public spectacle of sport. In the process, we reversed the way people usually talks about this group. Instead of a subject of pity, they became not only role models but a source of pride.

Novartis | Extraordinary Moments

The entire campaign was based on one idea: for someone living with metastatic breast cancer, it’s the small things that matters as much as the big ones, as every moment counts. In a movie-trailer-like film, we followed a woman and her daughter, building tension all along the way to reveal the big moment is actually very small – simply the two of them painting their nails together.

Sanofi Genzyme | A Lifetime of Handshakes

Tanya Mohan has Atopic Dermatitis, a chronic skin disease. We asked her to overcome her fears of physical connection. Given the average person shakes 15,000 hands in a lifetime, we had Tanya travel across Canada on a media tour and shake a lifetime amount of hands during stops in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver with additional support in Montreal.

Swedish Federation of Wood & Furniture Industry | Chair of Attention

The Swedish Federation of the Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF) wanted to attract new talent and show them the industry’s potential for innovation and how it can be used as a force for good. By designing a chair that allows students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to attract their teacher’s attention without anyone else knowing, we managed to change the target group’s perception of the industry.

HP | Spectorium

To reinvent how millennials experience the power of HP computing, we created an interactive installation with famed technologists Toby & Pete, DJ Race Banyon and Vice Media. The brand experience connected sounds, shapes, colors, lasers and Spectre x360 laptops. Over 1000 millennials participated in the brand experience, and content was then shared across participant and contributor social media, HP channels, a Vice documentary and other media outlets.

Vaseline® | Healing Project

In Australia, Vaseline® funds their Healing Project to stop leprosy in East Java with donations to the project for every product sold. Yet, no Australians new about this! We set up a pop-up clinic in Indonesia with Vaseline® and Direct Relief, connecting dermatologists and patients. We then used the stories and images to create a rich bank of assets for content in local Australian media.

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